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“Life is a gift; it is worth living well.”

The ancients knew intuitively that there is an organic unity to existence, between the material world and conscious phenomena. Finally, this intuition is scientifically supported. The mind can be regulated and fine-tuned just like a car or a computer. Even though the mind is a much more complex system than even the most complex computer, with proper understanding, happiness and success can be achieved. By and large, in the mind, emotional states lead to more of the same. Happiness produces more happiness, and negative emotions lead to misery and failure. However, there are opportunities to reverse suffering, and spoiled happiness can lead to emptiness and superficiality. Being aware of your emotions is of paramount importance. You can read my book, ‘The Science of Consciousness,’ or browse among my blogs to become familiar with the concepts I advocate in my work. You may find ideas that can transform your life.

I am specialized in emotional training, which involves almost every aspect of our lives. Emotions are behind intellectual excellence and creativity but also stress and many health and mental problems. If you are struggling and interested in working with me, please contact me at I would like to get to know and understand your situation in detail, so please share with me anything that you feel is wrong in your life. We will set up a face-to-face meeting, which can happen through Skype. Using the tools I have developed I can coach you to transform your life. Whatever problems or difficulties you may have, they are products of long-term situations, so solutions rarely occur overnight. It takes a personal commitment, but I am going to support you until a lasting solution is achieved.

Personal and professional transformation is possible for anyone, at any age, at any position in life.

I can tailor a personal treatment plan for you and there is no charge for the initial consultation. Group consultations are also an option. Invest in your future: reach your true potential! Call 36-4231-8933  (US callers 011-364-231-8933) to schedule an appointment, or send me an email at